Quinta Picos do Couto - Dão



This vineyard located in Tábua, also a demarcated Dão Region, has a total area of more than 30 Ha. Quinta Picos do Couto, Quinta do Serrado and Quinta do Mosteiro all over the years have come together to centralise all the wine production of FTP wines.

Picos do Couto brand, originated by the name of the vineyard, represents attractive wines with a modern profile according to new trends.
The Reserva 2005, the entry wine, was a product with an optimal quality and price ratio. The great Choice 2007 white wine, fermented in wood, has the same objective. In turn, the brut sparkling wine, made from red grapes, makes the difference for their style. The Great Choice red wine 2005 is the top of FTP Dão wines portfolio. Stayed all time in oak barrels, treated with all best pampering possible for a wine of his nature. Indeed, will only go out to the market in the best agricultural years.